A past due customer is still a customer. They want respect.

So how you treat them during this critical time can strengthen or ruin your relationship.

That’s why we use a highly personalized process that focuses on engaging your customers in conversation. Creating the support they need. While collecting the payments you need.

As a result: our collection rates regularly beat the national average! Using the latest technology, we reach more of your customers per day and enjoy higher collection rates per call.

That’s not all. We collect more for you by optimizing every phase of your collections cycle. Responding quickly to delinquency levels and risks. And changing contact strategies in real time.

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Chances are, you don’t have enough time to clean up your old accounts receivables.

So every day, your receivables keep piling up. Choking back your cash flow. Shrinking your bottom line.

What’s worse, your workload keeps growing – leaving less time for collections.

That’s why more businesses like yours rely on the NBF Group to clean up old receivables.

Helping you catch up, increase your cash flow and take a much deserved breath!

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