Increasing Client Cash Flow Since 1960

Responding to our customers with speed and flexibility since day one…

At a time when few women owned businesses, Charlotte Shaber launched National Business Factors (NBF) in San Francisco. That was 1960.

Originally, NBF was a factoring company. Soon after, Charlotte realized more businesses at the time needed collections help rather than factoring.

Quick to help clients any way she could, Charlotte began offering collection services. As NBF stayed true to offering fast, flexible service, the collection service boomed.

In fact, business grew so fast, Charlotte never took a single factoring client. Since NBF became a widely known and respected name in the industry, Charlotte kept the name – and the misnomer.

In 1997, NBF enjoyed two major changes…

First, Jim Knasiak became the new owner and CEO of NBF. Second, NBF began offering comprehensive billing outsourcing services called The NBF Group.

The NBF Group works exclusively with current receivables management and also provides billing services.

NBF and The NBF Group grew from a small agency to one of Nevada’s largest full service collection agencies and outsourcing firms. Providing personalized service to the western United States.

As of July 2017, NBF is back in the family…

Liesl Barkley, the God Daughter of Charlotte Shaber, had one overreaching goal of someday owning NBF.  Well, after 30 plus years of devotion and determination her dream is now a reality.

As the face of NBF, Liesl’s objective is to continue providing personalized service and helping our clients with their specific needs.

Today, NBF serves clients from offices in both Carson City Nevada and Concord California. The original San Francisco operations moved to Carson City.

NBF memberships include:
* American Collectors Association
* Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
* The Nevada Collectors Association


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