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May Newsletter

Can you believe it? We are approaching the 2-year mark of handling SB248 and the additional responsibility/expense of certified mail fee. As we continue to navigate this burdensome law and handle your accounts effectively, NBF has made the decision to accept only accounts over $20.00.

We would like to introduce to you a segment called:

Continued Education on Collection Regulations

It is our hope that this segment will keep you up to date on the changing landscape of collection regulations. Regulation F was the first major overhaul of collection regulations in a very long time. This regulation took effect on November 20, 2021. It changed, modified, and enhanced many aspects of collection. Through this newsletter NBF will share how Reg F has changed the collection regulations.

One part of the change with Reg F as a collection agency we can NO LONGER verify employment, unless it is a public entity, such as employees of the State of Nevada. However, we can still attempt to contact the consumer at the place of employment. If the consumer asks us not to call at the place of employment, our collectors ask for a time and number to call them back.

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