Liesl Ann Barkley

Owner / New Business Development

I’m a people person. I love what I do because I meet new people and create new relationships every day. I also love what I do because I love to sell. So what’s better than doing two of your favorite things all day long?

John Nadone

John Nadone

Chief Executive Officer

What attracted me to The NBF Group was the opportunity to utilize my extensive healthcare background to assist customers, and continue to build successful business relationships. I look forward to getting to know our customers and their business needs.


Cat Dee

Collections Services Manager

What attracted me to NBF was being a client of NBF for over 20 years. I have been impressed by the professionalism for 2 decades and when the opportunity presented itself to become a part of the NBF team I did not hesitate.

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Client Services Manager

Back in 1998, I started with NBF as their receptionist. I like being challenged to do and learn new things. So before long, I moved into the accounts receivable (AR) department. From the AR department, I was given the opportunity to work in, and eventually manage, the information technologies function.

Kim lundquist

Kim Miller Lundquist

Information Technologies and Mail Room Manager

Most people think of Information Technologies (IT) Departments as an area that consists of maintaining equipment and networking. In our department here at NBF we do much more than what most expect. A key part is customer service and working one on one with clients.

Mary Hobbs

Mary Hobbs

Compliance Officer – Legal Department Manager

Being a team member of NBF affords me the opportunity to feed my passion as it relates to; researching laws and regulations and staying current with all the credit-collection industry changes.  

NBF Team

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